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Group Health

Scheduled Benefits Indemnity / Fee For Service

Employer Medical PLan - POS

Employer Medical Plan - PPO  (Preferred Provider Organization)

A Scheduled Indemnity Plan means that in the occurrence of a specific event (typically a doctor or hospital visit), the benefit is paid on a fixed schedule to the insured. The fee is separate from the premium.   

POS Plans are a hybrid between HMO's and PPO's.

PPO's combine features of traditional insurance with those of managed care. The employee is required to pay a small fee per use of service, which is referred to as a co-pay. However, they have the opportunity to go both in and out of network.

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Direct Reimbursement Point of Service

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With a Non-Contributory Plan an Employer may choose to cover the total cost of their employees health insurance. In a Contributory Plan employees contribute to a portion of the owed premium.

Direct Reimbursement is a self-funded Plan which employees are reimbursed a percentage of dollars spent for the care provided to them.

HMO's provide a wide range of comprehensive health care services to its members. The premium for this plan is based on a fixed payment schedule.


Employer Medical Plan- HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) 

Contributory & Non-Contributory Plans

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One of the most important aspects to any company is its employees. Employees are considered the lifeline for a successful business. If workers are unhappy or are unable to work due to injury or illness, it will result in lower productivity and less revenue. However, healthcare can be an expensive investment which can tie up substantial capital. We work with business owners to find a policy which is both comprehensive and affordable. We will secure various options which will address your benefit expectations. To achieve this goal, we will integrate our expertise, personal relations, and market research.  

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