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  • Care & Loss Of Services
  • Certain Types Of Third Party Claims
  • Consequential bodily injury to a family member of the employee
  • Death Benefits
  • Medical Treatment
  • Permanent and temporary disability

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A Workers Comp Policy may cover bodily injury by accident that occurs on the job and by disease caused or aggravated by the conditions of employment.  Some common benefits under a Workers Comp Policy are:

This part of the policy may protect employers if they are found civilly liable for employee injuries that arise out of and in the course of employment.  Employers Liability Coverage may help protect your business against such claims as:



Workers Compensation 

It makes all the difference.

Workers Compensation Insurance (Workers Comp) provides compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries and/or illnesses. Each state has its own laws and programs for its workers compensation program. An employee who becomes injured may receive benefits regardless of who was at fault. In exchange for these guaranteed benefits, the employee forego the right to sue the employer in court for damages to those injuries.

Workers Comp provides your business with the protection it needs because you never know when an accident is going to happen. A single injury can cause an employee to be out of work for months, leading to potential financial issues. Ultimately, a policy may protect your business form a lawsuit and your employees from loss of income.

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